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Goal 1 Cultivate a just and peaceful society

Building a movement of millions to transform the world

Guided by our Catholic faith, CRS is building a movement of passionate individuals in the United States. Together, we are working to cultivate more just and peaceful societies that respect the dignity of every person—and the integrity of creation.

In fiscal year 2022, we focused on inspiring individuals through our migration and hunger campaigns to live out their Gospel call and respond to the needs of our global family. With CRS Chapters and Clubs, national partners and individual supporters—who engage in fundraising, writing letters to editors, and emailing, calling and meeting with policy makers—we carry on CRS’ mission across the United States. And we have seen the impact these champions make by influencing Congress to advance laws and policies and mobilize change through private funding.

Over the last year, the faithful advocacy of tens of thousands of people has contributed to Congress passing—and the president signing—the fiscal year 2022 federal budget, in which we saw an increase in funding for poverty-focused international humanitarian and development accounts, and over $5 billion in funding for humanitarian and food security needs for Ukraine and other countries impacted by the war. Supporters also urged Congress to prioritize several other pieces of legislation—set to be voted on in fiscal year 2023—including the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act and the Farm Bill.

I was advocating for real people in real moments of crisis in real places of need, whose well-being depends upon the concrete action of the global community now.

— Father Joe Grady

Goal 2 Build a national network to end global poverty

A community of changemakers

Catholic Relief Services is building a national network of CRS Chapters and Clubs to mobilize Catholics and others of goodwill to end global poverty. These chapters and clubs—comprised of parishioners, diocesan groups, university and high school students and other community members—are taking critical and meaningful actions to address global poverty and advocate on behalf of our global family. Engaging in CRS Chapters and Clubs empower people to live out their call as missionary disciples and become champions for the families and communities that CRS serves.

Members learn about important humanitarian issues; develop essential skills in leadership, advocacy fundraising and community engagement; and receive specialized training and support from CRS staff. Chapters and clubs are connected to one another through regional, state, and national networks, magnifying their impact to advance policy changes for a more just and peaceful world.

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Learn, engage and support human dignity.

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