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2016 CRS Annual Report

The Catholic Church, our generous donors and passionate advocates. A global network of partners. Dedicated employees. The individuals and communities we serve. We all share a vision of a world without poverty, injustice and suffering. And a commitment to achieving it. Together, we’re putting our faith into action. We’re taking on tough problems like migration, human trafficking and hunger. We’re ensuring Catholic Relief Services is among the first to arrive when disaster strikes. Our collective expertise and efforts are empowering the most vulnerable to thrive. We are the power of possibility.


Partnership is at the heart of everything we do. We’re connecting change makers all over the world to create a better one.

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Photo by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight for CRS


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Archbishop Paul S. Coakley
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Chair, CRS Board of Directors, 2012–2016

On Faith: “CRS’ foundation is our Church’s preferential option for the poor that comes directly from Jesus, who tells us we will be judged by how we treat the least among us. It is why we do this work—for others and for ourselves. When we live our faith, treating the least among us with deep compassion and true respect, it leads us to go far beyond simply providing food, water and shelter. When we extend ourselves in this way, we realize that we are not only helping others lead the lives of fulfillment and dignity that God intended for all members of his family, they are helping us do the same.”

Bishop Gregory J. Mansour
Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Chair, CRS Board of Directors
November 2016-present

On Solidarity: “To many, the word ‘solidarity’ might seem abstract. At Catholic Relief Services, we see solidarity every day, all around the world, as members of God’s family—from different places and backgrounds—come together as brothers and sisters. We lean on each other, learn from each other, care for each other, and love each other. We hope every Catholic in the United States will experience the solidarity of the Church and the work of CRS.”

Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo
President & CEO, 2012–2016

On Leadership: “I have often said that the only way we can serve the common good is with uncommon excellence and that is what I saw everyone striving for during my time at CRS. It truly is a privilege to serve the poor. At CRS you find people who give that privilege its proper respect by raising their standards and efforts to the highest level. Their collective efforts mean that both the entire agency and the individuals who work here provide leadership for all who seek to follow this path of service.”

Sean L. Callahan
President & CEO
January 2017-present

On Partnership: “Partnership is critical to defining the work of CRS. We know that whatever technical knowledge we have, we are not the experts in any of the more than 100 countries where we work. The experts are the people who live there. So, we always work through and with local partners—often from the local Church or Caritas—in a genuine demonstration of subsidiarity. We want to support our partners in ways that will help their communities continue to thrive, and people to fully realize lives of empowerment, long after a project ends.”

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