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2017 CRS Annual Report

As chair of the CRS board, I realize what this wonderful organization does each and every day. CRS becomes the hands of God to touch the lives of 136 million people around the world. Each CRS supporter travels the journey with us, changing lives, changing the world—not just for a day or a week or a month, but forever. We are grateful to you and grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to serve.

Bishop Gregory J. Mansour | Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Chair, CRS Board of Directors | November 2016-present

Throughout my career at CRS, I have regularly encountered those facing the most difficult circumstances: poverty, disaster, injustice, drought, disease, violence. That might seem depressing, but in fact I have always come away inspired and energized by the resilience and dignity of those we serve. In those faces you see the potential for greatness that God put there. It is a privilege to be allowed to help unleash that potential, and to feel the support of so many donors and partners around the world as we create real and sustainable change.

Sean L. Callahan | President & CEO
January 2017-present

Watch what can
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The programs and partnerships are in place. Lives are being saved and transformed. The momentum of our impact is building.

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