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Annual Report 2018

A world of change happens when we work together.
Working with the world’s most vulnerable people, we show individuals, families and communities the path to empowerment, how to stand strong and take the future into their own hands. Working together as one human family, we act boldly and immediately to help eradicate poverty, hunger and disease. Provide shelter. Alleviate suffering. Spur independence. And uphold the dignity of people in crisis, people with disabilities, women, children and youth. Shaping the world begins with being who God calls us to be—people who, together, put their brothers and sisters in Christ first.
Bishop Gregory John Mansour Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Chair, CRS Board of Directors November 2016-present

Board chair letter

Thank you.

Catholic Relief Services would not be able to offer help and hope to millions around the world without donors like you. We share our commitment to the teachings of the Church—to uphold the dignity of every person, to help the poor, the hungry, the sick, the vulnerable and the refugee.

I am grateful for your solidarity. Parishes, dioceses, schools, families, foundations and charitable organizations, and faithful individuals all make a difference! It is an honor to join you in service to God’s children overseas. I am also deeply grateful for the U.S. government and others who trust us to steward public grants for life-saving programs in vulnerable communities around the globe.

As Chair of the CRS Board, I am humbled by the many supporters who pray for us, volunteer with us, and share the news about our mission and the life-changing results of our work.

May God bless all of you.


With gratitude,
Bishop Gregory John Mansour

Sean L. Callahan President & CEO
January 2017-present

CEO letter

This year, together, we have acted more boldly than ever before to advance our vision of a world in which all people have opportunities to fulfill their God-given human potential. Every day, the work you make possible revolves around human dignity.

The dignity of shelter, food and water. The dignity of health and education. The dignity of peace, justice and equality. We pray, plan and act for long-term, lasting transformation on a global scale to fulfill God’s call to care for the world and all humanity.

You are moving our mission forward, and we are both thankful and inspired.


Peace & Light,
Sean L. Callahan

Witness what together can do: Our Work

Take a close look at a few of last year’s initiatives and partnerships for refugees, youth and agriculture.

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