Adapting to
a Changing World

Annual Report 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the world, Catholic Relief Services refused to stop. Our partners, staff and donors saw needs increase and barriers multiply. The most vulnerable became more so. Whether six feet apart or an ocean away, we answered with innovation, focus—and faith that knew no bounds.
Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano Bishop of Bridgeport
Chair, CRS Board of Directors
November 2019 to present

How do you teach hand-washing where there is no running water? Help children learn from home when home is a crowded refugee settlement? Distribute food and bed nets while staying six feet apart? Keep partners, program participants and staff safe while fighting hunger, poverty, disease and injustice?

At CRS, we began 2020 as we have every year since 1943: by working as one human family, connected by faith, a vision and God’s Gospel call. This year however, in the context of a new global crisis, our supporters gave us the strength to boldly escalate solutions to meet dramatic new realities and we thank you for your continued support. We also thank the American taxpayers because we write grants for U.S. government funding to help us alleviate suffering around the world. We leaned on unceasing prayer and the commitment of our donors and volunteers, parishes and governments, religious organizations and nonprofits. Each of you continues to help us lead the way as modern-day disciples of Christ.

God bless you.
Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano

Sean L. Callahan President & CEO
2017 to present

Despite a world of uncertainty in 2020, we pulled together across distances and continued to live our faith in boundless ways. In the past year, the realities of a pandemic framed Catholic Relief Services’ mission to create a better world—and brought out the best in our people, partners and program participants. We leveraged decades of experience to adapt our programs to an unexpected new context. We launched Mission & Mobilization, a nationwide movement to mobilize the Catholic community to combat global poverty, violence and injustice. We formalized our focus on CRS Global Results to track our progress toward the goals of our Vision 2030 strategy. As an agency, a Church, and sisters and brothers in Christ, we are fueled by faith in our sacred duty to uphold human dignity. In a year of unprecedented challenges, we’ve witnessed faith, commitment and resilience that know no bounds. We continue to be humbled by and grateful for your support—and we thank you now more than ever.

Peace and Light,
Sean L. Callahan

Adapting. Innovating. Partnering.
Praying. Acting. Measuring. Transforming.

Together with local and international partners, CRS works to uphold human dignity and transform the world.

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