Faith Knows
No Bounds

Annual Report 2019

There is no limit to the transformation we can achieve
as one human family.
Grounded, empowered and moved by our Catholic faith—and with Catholic social teaching as our guide—our work knows no bounds. We go where we are called, to the most remote places, to achieve the greatest impact, alongside the world’s most vulnerable people. Bold and ambitious, we will not stop until all of God’s children can fulfill their God-given human potential in thriving families and communities, in just, peaceful and vibrant societies and in flourishing landscapes.
Bishop Gregory John Mansour Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Chair, CRS Board of Directors November 2016 – November 2019

In a changing world, our faith remains steadfast because God is steadfast. Whatever awaits, we are prepared. We advocate expertly for our brothers and sisters around the world who live with poverty, fear, disease and injustice. With your support, CRS is ready to go even farther, physically, to help more people in more places thrive than ever before. And we are ready to go further in excellence, efficiency and good results.

As Chair of the CRS Board, I thank you—our many donors, volunteers, partners and leaders. Together we share a global solidarity. We also thank American taxpayers, because we write grants for U.S. government funding to help us alleviate suffering around the world.

We are inspired daily by families and parishes, nonprofits, religious organizations, and governments on every continent, in every region, who seek to also serve our most vulnerable brothers and sisters overseas. Together, by God’s grace, we are changing lives.


May God bless each of you,
Bishop Gregory John Mansour

Sean L. Callahan President & CEO
2017 to present

Nothing is impossible, because we do nothing alone.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta encouraged us to be bold, yet humble. That lesson will guide us as an agency into the next two decades, with the balance of ambition and faith defining our vision.

Our Vision 2030 is about transforming the world—bold, indeed. As a thought leader innovator and influencer among local and international partners, CRS aspires to be a catalyst for unprecedented progress as we address the pressing global crises of poverty, hunger, disease and injustice.

But the work is never about us. It is always about God working through us. Humbly and gratefully, our sacred duty is to lift up human dignity for the most vulnerable people around the world, together.

I thank you for your support and for answering the call as individuals, as a Church, and as partners in creating a better world.


Peace & Light,
Sean L. Callahan

Our work knows
no bounds

Together with local and international partners, CRS works toward five distinct goals to uphold human dignity and transform the world.

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