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Annual Report 2022

Grounded, empowered and moved by our Catholic faith—and with Catholic teaching as our guide—our work knows no bounds. We go where we are called, to the most remote places, to achieve the greatest impact, alongside the world’s most vulnerable people. Bold and ambitious, we will not stop until all of God’s children can fulfill their God-given potential in thriving families and communities, in just, peaceful and vibrant societies, and in flourishing landscapes.
Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano Bishop of Bridgeport
Chair, CRS Board of Directors
November 2019 to present

Welcoming refugees who leave home because of armed conflict. Building resilience in families who grieve in the aftermath of COVID-19. Offering solutions to farmers whose livelihoods are challenged by the changing climate. This is the work inspired by our Catholic faith—work that gives hope and rebuilds communities.

For 80 years, Catholic Relief Services has been dedicated to fostering true justice and lasting peace by calling attention to the world’s most pressing issues, embracing innovation and cultivating partnerships to create the kind of change that transforms people’s lives.

In 2019, when I became CRS’ new board chairman, I told our staff that the work of CRS brings light wherever there is darkness. As I finish my tenure and welcome incoming chairman, Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez, Archbishop of Philadelphia, I am grateful for that light that continues to shine thanks to the support of so many—our donors and volunteers, parishes, governments, religious organizations and nonprofits. You are living proof of God’s grace in answering the Gospel call to uphold the dignity of people in need. Thank you.

God bless you.
Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano

Sean L. Callahan President & CEO
2017 to present

In 2022, together with our local partners and supporters, CRS reached more than 250 million people with assistance and services. In keeping with our strategy, In Their Own Hands, we were able to respond to suffering in the wake of violent conflict, the devastation of natural disasters, and the complexities and harshness of poverty to fulfill our commitment to uphold the human dignity of all God’s children.

We are filled with hope, gratitude and faith as we reflect on the accomplishments achieved by working in communion with our sisters and brothers around the world. Though there are many challenges, we see daily the transformation of families and communities through expressions of love and investments in their talents and opportunities.

As we look to the horizon, we see injustice, environmental degradation and a loss of community, but we also see people of goodwill joining together to save, protect and transform lives. We strengthen our resolve by living our faith through our actions and deeds, and we recognize that alone we cannot be successful—though together our faith knows no bounds.

Peace and Light,
Sean L. Callahan

Innovative. Resilient. Accountable. Enduring.

We share a tireless commitment to lifting up and fighting for the dignity of the human person.

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