2013 Annual Report

“Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow has yet to come.
We have only today.
Let us begin.”
— Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Letter From Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo

Each morning in my prayer, I ask for wisdom, strength, patience and the grace I will need that day. But most of all, I give thanks to God for being so generous, so bountiful, and for granting me the privilege of serving the poor through my work at Catholic Relief Services.

What you will see in the pages of this report is that God’s bounty is evident throughout the world. It appears even at the worst of times, in the most difficult of circumstances, through the generosity and solidarity of people like you; through the skill and dedication of the employees of CRS; and, most of all, through the commitment of the Church in the United States to carry out the Gospel mission of serving the poor, wherever they may live.

At CRS, Christ’s call to remain and keep watch with Him constitutes the foundation for all that we do, for our very existence. Our care for life, from conception to natural death, drives us to work wherever we find poverty, hunger, oppression or hopelessness. We want people around the world to see the face of God in the crops from a successful harvest, in the clear water of a new well, in the cry of a healthy baby, in a child’s education, in peace replacing strife.

This day, like every day, offers us the opportunity to participate in God’s work and His miracles, to find Him in every part of His human family. This is what we sought to do at CRS in fiscal year 2013, serving nearly 100 million people in 93 countries. And this is what we will seek to do every day, every year, as long as we are blessed with this wonderful opportunity.

May blessings overflow,

Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo
President & CEO