Diocesan Directors

Catholic Relief Services is deeply grateful to our Diocesan Directors for inspiring Catholics in the United States to live out their faith in solidarity with our one human family around the world. Your dedication and compassion make it possible for CRS to engage with supporters in their own dioceses.

Diocesan Directors educate Catholics about Catholic social teaching, social justice and CRS’ efforts around the world on behalf of the Church in the United States. Their understanding and support of our work is critical to mobilizing passionate people across the nation to act on behalf of global partnerships, platforms that address hunger, poverty and migration, and our flagship CRS Rice Bowl program.

Select state to find out diocesan director leadership for each diocese.


    Archdiocese of Mobile

    Monsignor William Skoneki

    Diocese of Birmingham

    Father Richard Donohoe


    Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau

    LeAndra Childs

    Diocese of Fairbanks

    Susan Clifton


    Diocese of Phoenix

    Sister Mary Juanita Gonsalves

    Sister Mary Angela Alexander, RSM

    Diocese of Tucson

    Zach Ferell


    Diocese of Little Rock

    Dennis Lee


    Archdiocese of Los Angeles

    Adrian Flores
    Michael Donaldson

    Archdiocese of San Francisco

    Valerie Schmalz

    Diocese of Fresno

    Monsignor Raymond C. Dreiling

    Diocese of Monterey

    Tish Scargill

    Diocese of Oakland

    Marc McKimmey

    Diocese of Orange

    Greg Walgenbach

    Diocese of Sacramento

    John Watkins
    Miriam Sammartino

    Diocese of San Bernardino

    Monsignor Tom Wallace

    Diocese of San Diego

    Rodrigo Valdivia

    Diocese of San Jose

    Father Angelbert Chikere
    Leland Campbell

    Diocese of Santa Rosa

    Father Moses Brown

    Diocese of Stockton

    Digna Ramirez-Lopez


    Archdiocese of Denver

    Fara Kearnes

    Diocese of Colorado Springs

    Michelle Maher-Lyons

    Diocese of Pueblo

    Jimmy Dilorio


    Archdiocese of Hartford

    Lynn Campbell

    Diocese of Bridgeport

    Father David Roman

    Diocese of Norwich

    Father Peter Langevin


    Diocese of Wilmington

    Monsignor George J. Brubaker


    Archdiocese of Washington

    Maeve Gilheney-Gallagher


    Archdiocese of Miami

    Peter Routsis Arroyo

    Diocese of Orlando

    Leidy Rivas

    Diocese of Palm Beach

    Donna Pearson

    Diocese of Pensacola–Tallahassee

    Aida Bone

    Diocese of Saint Augustine

    Anita Hassell

    Diocese of Saint Petersburg

    Sabrina Burton Schultz

    Diocese of Venice

    Sean Myers


    Archdiocese of Atlanta

    Kat Doyle
    Jayna Hoffacker

    Diocese of Savannah

    Cynthia Kinnis


    Diocese of Honolulu

    David Coleman
    Father Robert Stark


    Diocese of Boise

    Bryan Taylor
    Mark L. Raper


    Archdiocese of Chicago

    Angela Swain

    Diocese of Belleville

    Monsignor John T. Myler

    Diocese of Joliet

    Alex Quezada
    Tanya Singh

    Diocese of Peoria

    Father James Kruse

    Diocese of Rockford

    Deacon Thomas McKenna

    Diocese of Springfield

    Donna Moore


    Archdiocese of Indianapolis

    Theresa Chamblee

    Diocese of Evansville

    Denise Seibert Townsend

    Diocese of Ft. Wayne–South Bend

    Shawn Storer

    Diocese of Gary

    Erica Jimenez

    Diocese of Lafayette

    Father Theodore C. Dudzinski

  • IOWA

    Archdiocese of Dubuque

    Tracy Morrison

    Diocese of Davenport

    Kent Farris

    Diocese of Des Moines

    Barbara Decker

    Diocese of Sioux City

    Father Mark Stoll


    Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

    Deacon Bill Scholl

    Diocese of Dodge City

    Georgina Paz
    Heidy Ramirez

    Diocese of Salina

    Michelle L. Martin

    Diocese of Wichita

    Bonnie Toombs


    Archdiocese of Louisville

    Lisa DeJaco Crutcher

    Diocese of Covington

    Michael Murray

    Diocese of Lexington

    Doug Culp


    Archdiocese of New Orleans

    Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Diocese of Alexandria

    Father Craig Scott

    Diocese of Baton Rouge

    David C. Aguillard
    Randall Waguepack

    Diocese of Houma–Thibodaux

    Lee Shaffer
    Chamon Williams
    Nicole Bourgeois

    Diocese of Lafayette

    Kim Boudreaux
    Ben Broussard

    Diocese of Lake Charles

    Sister Miriam MacLean

    Diocese of Shreveport

    Randy Tiller


    Diocese of Portland

    Yvonne Borelli-Chace


    Archdiocese of Baltimore

    Erin Younkins
    Mary Ellen Russell


    Archdiocese of Boston

    Deacon Timothy Donohue

    Diocese of Fall River

    David Carvalho

    Diocese of Springfield

    Kathryn Buckley-Brawner

    Diocese of Worcester

    Father Richard Reidy


    Archdiocese of Detroit

    Jessica Orzechowski
    Thomas Scholler

    Diocese of Gaylord

    Kim Smith
    Mackenzie Ritchie

    Diocese of Grand Rapids

    Maggie Walsh

    Diocese of Kalamazoo

    Lisa Irwin

    Diocese of Lansing

    Anne Rivet

    Diocese of Marquette

    Rob Taylor

    Diocese of Saginaw

    Maria Coss
    Lori Becker


    Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

    Adam Fitzpatrick

    Diocese of Crookston

    Bob Noel

    Diocese of Duluth

    Patrice Critchley-Menor

    Diocese of New Ulm

    Deacon Timothy Dolan

    Diocese of Saint Cloud

    Father Bill Vos
    Elizabeth Neville-Brown


    Diocese of Biloxi

    Gregory Crapo

    Diocese of Jackson

    Chamon Williams


    Archdiocese of St. Louis

    Jennifer Stanard

    Diocese of Jefferson City

    Jake Seifert

    Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph

    Deborah Sheppard
    Chelsea Voboril
    Bill Francis

    Diocese of Springfield–Cape Girardeau

    Kim Brayman


    Diocese of Great Falls–Billings

    Darren Eultgen

    Diocese of Helena

    Jim Carney


    Archdiocese of Omaha

    Dave Vankat
    Theresa Swoboda

    Diocese of Grand Island

    Pat Mertz

    Diocese of Lincoln

    Father Daniel Rayer


    Diocese of Las Vegas

    Deacon Tim O’Callaghan

    Diocese of Reno

    Father Robert Chorey
    Rita Sloan


    Diocese of Manchester

    Bevin Kennedy


    Archdiocese of Newark

    Father Timothy Graff

    Diocese of Camden

    Father Robert Hughes

    Diocese of Metuchen

    Deacon Peter Barcellona

    Diocese of Paterson

    Scott Milliken

    Diocese of Trenton

    Father Michael Kennedy
    Brenda L. Rascher


    Archdiocese of Santa Fe

    Anne Avellone


    Archdiocese of New York

    Tom Dobbins
    George Horton

    Diocese of Albany

    Sister Betsy Van Deusen
    Michelle Thivierge

    Diocese of Brooklyn

    Father Charles Keeney
    Father Thomas A. Ahern

    Diocese of Buffalo

    Deacon Don Weigel

    Diocese of Ogdensburg

    Deacon Patrick J. Donahue

    Diocese of Rochester

    Kathy Dubel

    Diocese of Syracuse

    Michael Melara

    Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn

    Deacon Joseph Chebli


    Diocese of Charlotte

    Joseph Purello

    Diocese of Raleigh

    Deacon Josh Klickman


    Diocese of Bismarck

    Ron Schatz

    Diocese of Fargo

    Timothy Olson

  • OHIO

    Archdiocese of Cincinnati

    Sara Seligmann

    Diocese of Cleveland

    Kelly Bon
    Jason Lewis
    Shawn Witmer

    Diocese of Columbus

    Erin Cordle

    Diocese of Steubenville

    Rose Hawkinberry

    Diocese of Toledo

    Rodney Schuster

    Diocese of Youngstown

    Jennifer Lucarelli
    Robert Mangan


    Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

    Sophia Thiebaut

    Diocese of Tulsa

    Derek Lyssy
    Father Gary Kastl


    Archdiocese of Portland

    Bishop Peter L. Smith

    Diocese of Baker

    Leah Bickett


    Archdiocese of Philadelphia

    Anne Ayella

    Diocese of Allentown

    Robert Nicolella

    Diocese of Altoona–Johnstown

    Andre McCarville

    Diocese of Erie

    Patrice Swick

    Diocese of Harrisburg

    Kelly Gollick
    Peter Biasucci

    Diocese of Pittsburgh

    Anna Torrance


    Diocese of Providence

    Melanie Monteiro


    Diocese of Charleston

    Lydia Doyle
    James Kaiser


    Diocese of Rapid City

    Amy Julian

    Diocese of Sioux Falls

    Renae Kranz


    Diocese of Knoxville

    Paul Simoneau

    Diocese of Memphis

    Rachel D’Addabbo

    Diocese of Nashville

    Deacon Hans M. Toecker


    Archdiocese of Galveston–Houston

    Hilda Ochoa

    Archdiocese of San Antonio

    Aaron Castillo

    Diocese of Amarillo

    Deacon Robert Smith

    Diocese of Austin

    Dekarlos Blackmon

    Diocese of Beaumont

    Letty Lanza
    Karen Do

    Diocese of Brownsville

    Ofelia De Los Santos

    Diocese of Corpus Christi

    Father Raynaldo Yrlas Jr.

    Diocese of Dallas

    Deacon Charles Stump

    Diocese of El Paso

    Marco Raposo

    Diocese of Fort Worth

    Renee Underwood

    Diocese of Lubbock

    B. “Marty” Martin

    Diocese of San Angelo

    Father David Herrera
    Father Freddy Perez

    Diocese of Tyler

    Cesar Salas

    Diocese of Victoria

    Debbie Vanelli

  • UTAH

    Diocese of Salt Lake City

    Jean Hill


    Diocese of Burlington

    Alayna Masker
    Phyllis Harkonen
    Holly Thayer


    Diocese of Arlington

    Carla Walsh

    Diocese of Richmond

    Rachael Laustrup
    Andrew Waring
    Tina Wandersee


    Archdiocese of Seattle

    Steve Homiack
    Victor Mitre

    Diocese of Spokane

    Scott Cooper
    Robert J. McCann

    Diocese of Yakima

    Monsignor Robert M. Siler
    Leanne LaBissoniere


    Diocese of Wheeling–Charleston

    Chad Carter


    Archdiocese of Milwaukee

    Rob Shelledy

    Diocese of Green Bay

    Peter Weiss

    Diocese of La Crosse

    Christopher Ruff

    Diocese of Madison

    Nate Simmons
    Chris McAtee

    Diocese of Superior

    Steve Tarnowski


    Diocese of Cheyenne

    Diana Waggener


    Archdiocese of Military Services

    Mark Moitoza